Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Showing off a little Studio J

I love Studio J.
You have to try it, you will love how easy and quick it is to create scrapbook pages.
The .jpg's you get when you're a member are excellent quality. You get two different sizes, one for web and one at hi-resolution. If you desire you can print them at home on your large format printer, or just have CTMH print them and mail them to you.
Ive been impressed with the ones that they mailed to me. Nice picture quality.
And they also send free page protectors, if your a member. Awesome!!

You dont have to be a member of Studio J to try it out, but you wont get any special members only layouts,papers and prices. If you only want to try it once or twice before committing to a membership, its worth it.
But if you LOVE it, like I do.
You must get a membership.
3 month membership is $30, and a full year is $99.
Oh and members also get free shipping when they order 4 pages at a time. AWESOME!!

So here's my latest Studio J layouts.
Their birthday pictures from this year ages 4&12.

Last years first day of school.

Close To My Heart Campaigns

CTMH has a some awesome deals going on right now.
Check these out and if you want to order, let me know.
I have an online party open so you can order.
Dont miss out on these awesome stamps.

SOTM: Wicked

EXTRA! A Typeface stamp set
Pair-A-Phrase Stamp set