Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome gift in a basket

I have a confession..
I have a creative crush on Lauren Meader. (among other people, as well!)
But some people are just very creative, and they inspire me.
I have been following Lauren's blog for a while now, and she inspired me to purchase her new template called: Pack a Picnic
I was also inspired to buy some other things as well.
I'll show you when I use them. It's actually my first purchase from paper trey ink.
The stamps are clear stamps, and they come packaged with a CD case, a clear label that shows all the stamps, and all of that is in a nice plastic box. And the stamp boxes were wrapped in tissue paper, when packed into the shipping box. Everything looked as if they took great pride and care into my package. And it's those silly little things that make me very impressed.
So on to the creation:
I decided to make my pack a picnic basket out of transparency. These seemed like a cool, different idea when it was in my mind. However, as my idea came to life, I had issues. First, my transparencies, didn't like my printer ink. These were slick on both sides, so the ink had no where to stick. So I had to print out the template on regular printer paper. Then I put the printer paper under the transparency and traced the template from there. The next issue I had was my double sided tape. It was the CM tape, and its not clear. I had to use it since it is the stickiest adhesive I own. But you could see the tape.
So my next pack a picnic I make will be with regular paper and I wont have any of those issues.
I was able to overcome, and I think it all turned out great.
I made this for a new friend, and inside is some jam I picked up at a restaurant in town.
I hope you enjoy and leave a comment.
Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry.