Friday, August 28, 2009

clever fire hydrant title goes here..

You see, the reason why you don't get more posts from me, is because I am just not a clever witty writer.
And that was never the idea I had in mind. i just wanted to share my latest creations. And hopefully inspire someone else.
There are so many people out there that "inspire" me, and usually I "borrow" there inspiration and make my own. Sometimes it turns out a bit different, sometimes, I'm just not feeling the creative juices and I down right copy the "inspired idea".

That being said, I have to share my latest "inspired idea".
This one came from a youtube video.

Lauren Meader created the video, and template. You can get the basic box design from Paper Trey Ink. I used the perfect matchbox template. You can get it HERE.

I made 3 hydrants as gifts. Two were for my friend who just added a new kitty and dog to her family. The third one was for my husbands mom and dad. They just adopted a dog.
I went to petco and bought some of their gourmet dog treats. Put the treats in a baggie and put it in the box. For the kitty, I bought a little mouse that you can stuff with catnip, some catnip and some kitty treats.
I didn't have the same punches that were used in the video, so I used both a die cut machine to make my shapes.

Hope you like the pictures.